Campfire moment at Lappish hut

Take a break with a cup of coffee and sit down with a local Sámi by the campfire. You will hear genuine stories about Lapland from the past time to the present.

You will hear e.g. about the famous local witch called Päiviö, who went down the slope on one ski with a cup of melted reindeer fat on her head.

How does the story continue? Did the reindeer fat spill? What happened to Päiviö?

The program includes sausages on fire as well as juice and coffee.

Our program services are approved by the local association which works for the equality of all Sámi people. Our program services has been found to respect the local cultural heritage.

The price is per person. If you want this program for several people please choose several products.

Location: Levi, 99130 Sirkka

Program duration: approx. 45 min

60.00 €
price incl. VAT