Journey to the underworld -program

To whom sieidi gives a catch? 

Have Biegga-Almmái been calmed down enough? 

Is the Staalo lurking behind the hill? 

- Hey, there went gnome's white reindeer! 

The journey to the underwold -program offers an opportunity to get to know local Sámi mythology, old beliefs, stories and old-time Lapland. A three-part drum, and traditional joik points the way towards the world of the gnomes.

After the program you will know more about Sámi mythology, Lapland's history and beliefs. There will also be a peek into your future. You will also get a souvenir from your journey.

The program will be implemented at the accommodation at agreed time. Please provide additional information at the end of the order: which accomodation are you staying in and for what time period and we will contact you regarding the time of the program.

Price: for 2-4 people

Duration: 45 min – 1,5 hours depending on how many persons 

300.00 €
price incl. VAT