Selection of Lappish arctic flavours

Taste the arctic flavours of Finnish Lapland

Selection of Lappish arctic flavours takes you on a taste trip to the foot of the fells, where the reindeers are and cloudberries blooms.

All the flavours are carefully selected and prepared. Mushrooms, berries, herbs and vegetables are all self-picked from Lapland's nature around Levi area. Meat and fish are local. Everything is prepared by a local chef who specializes in Lapland ingredients.

Great way to start your journey in Lapland or enjoy a delicious evening together with your group.

Can be delivered to the accommodation before arrival or during your stay at an agreed time.

The price is per person. If you want evening snack for several people please choose several products.

Min. 2 persons

Max. 8 persons

For bigger groups ask for an offer from our sales at

Please mention if you have any type of allergies or other food restrictions.

Please provide additional information at the end of the order: which accommodation are you staying in and for what time period.

58.00 €
price incl. VAT